Week 15- Art Experience- Finger Painting

For this weeks art experience i got to finger paint. I went over to my girlfriends house and had her help me with this assignment. Our first sheet of paper wasn’t all that great, the paint was all over the place, but after we had the great idea of making a beach scene. After coming up with a scene to paint, we managed to come up with this..


Week 15-Artist Conversation-Britttney Waters

Exhibition Information

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: Jewelry Arts

Media: Ceramics

Gallery:  West Gatov Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: artbywaters

For this final week’s artist conversation, I go the chance to meet Brittany Waters. Brittany is currently a senior on her last semester here at CSULB, and is looking forward top receiving her BFA in Ceramics. She has always been exposed to art since at a young age in Sacramento. She says that her main inspiration was her father by buying her many markers and color pencils to doodle with. After college, she plans on continuing her career in ceramic work, and travel from state to state.

The exhibition room itself was quite confusing because everything had a price tag and I was a little confused on how the interview would take place, but over all there was a variation in ceramic plate sets, bowls cups, and  just about anything. Brittany’s art was mainly of blue color, just as her last name (*Waters) her plates, jewelry and cups had an ocean vibe. Everything was of a not too bright but not too dark color, and with a soothing tone and smooth finishes.

Brittany’s art was mainly focused on the nature of the ocean and turtles. Since she is from Sacramento, as you can imagine it is really dry and just about nothing out there, thereby coming to Long Beach was a great inspiration for her and her art. Thus explaining her color choices for her art, they are mainly blue, green, turquoise, and simply generic colors that represent the beach.

Personally. I felt weird at first going into the gallery and seeing so much art and so much artist names, and freaked out once I saw everything had a price tag. After seen all of the art work I was amazed by how close to perfect most of the ceramic pottery was. I felt as if I were at a store buying dishware. Anyway, I had a great experience and really enjoyed seeing all of the art there was, and hope to see these young artists in galleries in the future.



Week 14-Art Experience-Instagram

For this week’s art experience, I got to use Instagram my for my very first time. I don’t normally have or use social media, but during Instagram day, I got to post 4 pictures, which included a picture of my Art 110 class, a scenic view of mid CSULB campus, a highway, and my vehicle. The reason I chose to post those specific pictures were simply for Aesthetic purposes. Regarding my classmates’ pictures they posted, they were over all regular day things like food, in class, and a couple of selfies here and there. Overall it helped me see difference among people, and the different things others do. I liked the activity over all, it was kind of fun looking for something to post, and although I didn’t have the greatest post of them all, but the experience was worth it.

Week 14-Classmate Conversation-Lizzy Stiller

This week I got the chance to chat with Lizzy Stiller. Lizzy is currently a first year at CSULB, and is a local here at Long Beach, so commuting works well for her. She is currently a film major, and among her hobbies is hiking and going to the beach. Regarding the classmate question, our aspects on the topic were similar. We believed there will be more use of technology in college courses, and at some point, maybe past 2036, classrooms will look like computer labs, where students will perform their assignments and activities. Going past that, courses will eventually be online with no physical classroom set-up. These ideas were all based off of our experience with hybrid classes.


Week 12-Artist Conversation-Nicholas Dison

Artist: Nicholas Dison

Exhibition: Synergizing Fields

Media: Ceramics

Gallery:  West Gatov Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: Dison_Ceramics

For this weeks artist conversation, I got the chance to talk to and interview Nicholas Dison. Nicholas is currently a senior at CSULB, and is planning on receiving his BFA in ceramics.A great inspiration to his art were hist visits to Europe. He enjoys European culture and his art is a representation of their culture, His showcase media consisted of ceramics and paint, with a European pottery infrastructure, making his gallery look fancy.

Nicholas gallery was filled with ceramic made objects, whether it was pottery or even picture frames. With his European influence, the items displayed in his gallery portrayed elegance and his use of perfect matching bright colors allowed his exhibition to be more attractive to the eye. In the colors used were a bright red, and gold outlines. This color choice allowed his showcase to seem as if it belonged in a museum, or was simply more then a college gallery exhibition, and it reflected his the culture of the out of state places he has visited and has been inspired upon.

Nicholas states that his art was mainly supposed to have a function for decorative purposes mainly. He says that his pieces of work are sculptural, figurative, conceptual, and functional. The point of his art work is to create a dialogue with the color field painting.  Regarding his picture frames, he refers to the objects in them as melting into color  fields, giving an effect of of still-life paintings, surrealists reliefs, and simulations sculptures.

In my perspective, I really enjoyed Nicholas’s art work. It is truly amazing what can be done with ceramics, and it is even more amazing to see ceramic works, because it is not easy or something anyone can naturally be good at. I myself took a ceramic course in high school in ceramics, and although it was really fun, it was really hard to maintain a good sculpture or shape out of anything. Nicholas had a really interesting exhibition, and I wish to see him in the future in even bigger galleries.


Week 11-Artist Conversation-Kyle Kruse

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Media: Sculpting, Wood, Film

Gallery: Marylyn Werby Gallery

Website: http://www.kylekruseart.com

Instagram: kyle.kruse

This week we met at the art galleries once again, and through walking in and out of each showcase, the one that caught my attention the most was Kyle Kruse’s, which was located at the Marlyn Werby Gallery. Kyle is currently on his last semester here at CSULB and pursuing getting his BFA in print making, and decided whether to go after an MFA in Anthropology as well. Kyle says inspiration towards his art is mainly Greek mythology. Future wise, he plans on moving out of state, New York City to be specific, and proceed with a career.

Regarding his exhibition, it was really dark inside, and the sculptures gave out a really dark vibe. It made me feel as if I were in a cave of some sort. Most of the stuff in there was made out of wood and had rugged edges and looks. Nothing was of a specific color, but the tone definitely  had a dark shade. His head pieces were composed of what appeared to be old rags from like earlier years. The paintings he had in the background, perfectly matched the sculptures he had displayed.

The sculptured heads Kyle had displayed, he states reconfigured the Greco-Roman Teaching myths of Promethus, Janus and Sisyphus. These three figures were representatives of death figures, or near death. That explains the dark vibe on the room. Promethus is the one who provides humanity with fire, while Sisyphus represents trying to cheat death, and remains climbing his hills in the fire. Lastly, Janus is the center transition of each opposite end.

In my opinion, I enjoyed Kyle’s art. It is simply something we don’t get to see everyday, and although it gives me this dark vibe, I like the fact that it has some sort of history behind it, such as the Greek Mythology. To conclude, I liked Kyle’s art, and wish the best for him in his artistic career in NYC.

Week 11-Classmate Conversation-Alfredo Gonzalez

This week we met at galleries, and I had the chance to meet Alfredo Gonzalez. We talked a little bit about ourselves then got into week 11’s question. One thing I learned from Alfredo was that the reason he is taking Art-110 is because it is his last required GE, yet he does enjoy the projects we get to do. Regarding this weeks question on fan art, he said he cannot really pick a side, because their can be some bad to it as well as good, yet celebrities should value their fan art, because people see them as role models and take their time to do this art. In my perspective, I agree with Alfredo, because there is sometimes comedic sketches on artists, but their is also a lot of good art towards celebrities as well.