Week 3 Class-Mate Conversation

This week I had a conversation with my class-mate Nathan Davalos. Topic of our conversation was about the type of art that has most influenced us to where we are today. To start off, Nathan is from Huntington Beach Ca. He is a Business major with an emphasis on Marketing, and is currently a second year at CSULB. The type of art he said inspired him to be where he is at now was sketching. He says he has been sketching freely since his first year of high school, and he liked it so much he enrolled in art classes throughout the rest of high school. In my case, I was influenced by Oragami. I personally like to create and build things, and as you may know, Oragami requires some building/creating. The love to create things influenced me so much to this day, that i decided to pursue Mechanical engineering.img_20160908_120510_01


Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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