Week 3-Artist Conversation-Ellin Fan

Exhibition information

Artist: Ellin Fan

Exhibition: Interactive School of Art 

Media: Mixed

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: None

In this third week I got to see for the first time the art at CSULB. I was pretty surprised with the art there was, but my attention was mainly caught by the one and only Interactive School of Art.  It it is located in the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery. The artist I found and had the pleasure to meet in there was Ellin Fan. Ellin is an Undergraduate Animation major,and a second year student here at CSULB. As a kid, Ellin was attracted to creating comic books, and as she got older she found her self drawing characters from her favorite shows as well as Cosplay. Just like the name of the exhibition, Ellin Fan is really interactive. She loves to do community service by helping to decorate local school bins.

In then Interactive Gallery there is not a specific art piece to choose from, because every art piece is special in every way possible. This Gallery is based off of students, visitors, and “anybody’s” art. In other words, this is not like the typical galley where nothing can be touched, on the contrary, Ellin encourages the visitors to interact with stuff on the wall. There are various papers along the walls, where the gallery visitors are encouraged to write on it and draw something. There is also an origami station, with different things to make with different colored paper, as well as the wood blocks at the center of the gallery so people can build what they prefer. Last but not least in the gallery, the amazing and unique touch, the sticker machine. Anything made in the gallery can be turned  into a sticker.

The best thing about this gallery is that there is the “Ellin vibe” once you step foot past the door. Everything is encouraging, and speaking to her, comes the helpful vibe. Her ideas in the Art Maker Society are clearly to get students to interact more. They want students to be able to make art at the moment and have that hands on experience for students to be able to tweak around things they would change or add in art. Rather than just demonstrating a portrait or object that you cant get such distance close to it.

In my opinion it was a really good experience for me to visit this gallery because it shows an appreciation to everybody’s work. Anybody an draw what ever they want on the papers up on the wall, they can change what they like or don’t like, it just gives a good vibe to the students. Personally it makes me feel more interactive just walking in there, and i especially love the fact that people do not have to be quite and especially that the art can be touched. Being in an art gallery, and not being able to touch is so hard for me, simply because there is always this urge to feel what we see. Lastly this visit will definitely make a positive effect in my academics now that it will help me interact more with fellow students.


Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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