Week 3-Artist Conversation-May Ta

Exhibition information

Artist: May Ta

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Mixed media, sculpture and painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: maypta

In this fourth week of ART 110, I got to go to the art gallery once again. I expected there to be the same art and exhibitions as week 3, so i got a little discouraged when I found out the sticker machine was not st the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery; yet I had the pleasure of meeting artist May Ta. May Ta is currently a CSULB senior, and is majoring in Art-Illustration. She was born in Vietnam and is the first Art major in her family. Her family has a big background in science, and was discouraged when they found out her passion was art, but at time supported her passion.

Out of the various art pieces by May Ta in the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, the one that caught my attention from them all was the piece, Him and His, 2016. For this work of art, Ta said she used Digital media and ink jet printer. This piece of art depicts a white building with a man standing right outside the open door of the structure. The setting out the door is dark with nothing surrounding the man, but the building. Overall the shapes used in the art work are mostly edgy rather than rounded. Also there is a lot of shaded parts in the work, with an dark edgy texture.

This particular art work can depict several meanings to people, but what i was able to get out of it was a picture of somebody stuck in their thoughts. The work itself has a dark and lonely vibe to it, as if the person out the building door has did not know “what to do next.” May Ta her self gave a word about this specific art work, and she stated the art to be of a “human body stuck in it’s existence.” Referring to human body in a Metaphysical and Literal form of the human body. The one thing I was able to correlate with the artist and her work in this picture was that she might be a reference to her work. Just as at some point of her life she was unsupported for her career choice, she might have of been depicted by her picture where she didn’t know what to do.

In my personal experience, I had a good time at the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, and getting to see May’s work and her partners. All of the art work had that original vibe, where a simple portrait can mean a million things, disregarding what the artist meant it to be. This exhibition definitely helped to depict and read other pieces of art that at some point I thought were just pointless. There is always a meaning behind every picture and portrait.20160914_150509




Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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