Week 5- Graffiti Writing

For this weeks art experience, I had to do Graffiti writing. During the weekend I was in Riverside and was too lazy to go to Venice Beach and do Graffiti, so I decided to search nearby places where it is legal to spray walls or rocks. After long attempts of finding places where I can legally do Graffiti near Riverside, I ended up doing my project at my aunts ranch since I already had to go there anyways. My girlfriend and I went riding through my aunts 9 acre lot on the search of the perfect rock to graffiti. Getting around her lot was fun because of the trails my cousin has made with his truck, and it wasn’t hard finding a rock now that most of Riverside’s lots have random boulders in them. After picking the perfect spot, this was the outcome of our journey.


Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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