Week 6-Artist Conversation-Blaine Prow

Exhibition Information

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Graphics and Design

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: in progress

Instagram: tiffuts

For this week’s artist conversation, i got to meet Blaine Prow at the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. He is an Under-graduate at CSULB from Orange County and is on his final year of college. He has been in college for 10 years. This is because he has changed his major 3 times at Long Beach. He has gone from Mechanical Engineering, to Civil Engineering, to finally Studio Art with emphasis in Graphics and design. Blaine says that as a high schooler  he was always good at math and mainly enjoyed geometry, and he always had a passion for designing cars. He thought Mechanical engineering would be much about designing cars, when he realized there was hardly any designing involved, he knew it was time to change major.

In his gallery, Blaine presented a bunch of geometric paper cut-outs. It was really hard to focus on one specifically, but all if his work was edgy, boxy, and really well proportioned. He said his work was a lot based off of math, like simple geometric equations to get the shapes he needed. The nice thing about his work was that the way the objects were cut out made it seem somewhere close to an extrusion. The materials his work consists of is charcoal, bristle board paper for sturdiness and a background color, as well as foam in order to hang his work.

Blaine’s gallery consists much on construction, geometry and shapes. This all comes from his passions as a kid. He liked to construct things out of wood blocks and had an “obsession ” over geometry. He has always liked complex shapes and figures, and that is truly what his art work is all about. The fact that he uses equations and math to construct his work demonstrates how perfect and precise he wants his art to be.

Personally, i enjoyed Blaine’s gallery. I coincidentally as a child would also enjoy building and designing stuff, specifically cars. I can also relate in how he likes geometry and looks for perfection and precision in his work. It amuses me how someone can possibly be able to come up with the idea of making a 3D figure cut-out from a piece of paper, with it still being attached to the paper, it is simply unique.


Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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