Week 7-Artist Conversation-Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition: Social

Media: Draw, Paint, Oil, Canvas

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: theartofnate_

For week 7’s artist conversation, I got the chance to meet Nathaniel Paderanga. Nathaniel is from San Diego California, and is currently an undergraduate student and on his last semester at CSULB for a BFA in Draw and Painting. Nathaniel began as a Chemistry major at a community college and transferred to CSULB three years ago, where he decided Draw and Paint was his passion.

Nathaniel’s gallery for this week is called Social. His gallery is mostly consistent of various shades more than anything, and in his statement he says he uses shapes, color, form and balance with an oil paint medium to create a composition. He also says in his statement that most of his work is inspired by old masters, where he specifies Caravggio and Kim Cogan. These artists’ art consists of shades and lights he says, and that is the influence to the shading he uses. That explains why most of his art has a dark tone to it.

For this gallery, the name pretty much gives it away, Social. His art work of this gallery is meant to portray interaction with others. It was really hard to pick a specific portrait from his gallery to speak about, because they all have a realistic figure, and makes you feel as if you are present. Yet an important thing from some of his paintings was the issue we have now in days called technology. He portrays the good moments when technology still had not taking over control.  Then he shows a painting where there s=is a group of kids sitting in a living room, and they are all too focused on their devices, and it shows the way that technology takes so much away from us as a society.

Personally, I enjoyed Nathaniel’s art, I really liked the shading of his work, and the oil and canvas gave it that original vibe. His art work isn’t only realistic, but it makes me feel the moment, and think back to memories in the back of my head from my childhood days, and realize how much i have been affected by technology myself. His art is one of the coolest ways I have seen the idea of technology portrayed, especially because he used real memories in his art.



Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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