Week 8- Classmate Conversation-Justin Pena

For week 8, we met at the Csulb Japanese garden, and I got to have a conversation with one of the first persons I met in my ART-110 class, Justin Pena. A little bit to know about Justin is that he is a second year here at Csulb, and is currently an electrical engineering major. He enjoys math and science, but he also likes to read, cook and draw in his free time. While talking to Justin, we discussed this weeks question, which was about let our children pursue art. We both agreed it would not be right to not encourage a child to follow his/her dream. Justin’s aspect of the scenario was that it is his child, and he would encourage his child to pursue art if they want to, because they can contribute to society. I strongly agreed with that, but I also had to add that it is important to help one’s child pursue their dream, and if things don’t work out at the end, then you can at least say you were there for them and did as much as you can to help them out, and that pretty much summed up our conversation




Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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