Week 10-Art Experience-Social Network

  1. “Social Network” in my perspective is more about cyber friends rather than real physical friends. Now in days, people go around adding random individuals on their social media, just because of appearances, or even for the sake of more likes on a picture or a post. Most of these people, they don’t even know, therefore people on your social network, don’t tend to have a connection with ones physical friends.
  2. I agree with Dunbar’s Number. Having 150 truly meaningful relationships is even a little too big in my view. I don’t have over 150 contacts on my phone, and that is mainly because of buying a new phone and losing some numbers, and then you realize that the people that text you the most or you interact with are the ones you will have saved. Social media wise, I did have over 150 friends, yet I currently don’t have any social media I am active on, it is mostly to avoid other peoples drama, and the annoying friend request from people I have no connection with.
  3. Having over 1,000 friends on Facebook does not really mean much. There is no possible way you can speak to that many people at a time, therefore there is no possible way you have a friendly connection with those 1000 people. Having someone as a friend on Facebook doesn’t mean they are your friends in real life. You probably don’t even talk to them and they can careless about what is going on in your life, because at the end of the day, they just added you for views and likes.
  4. When i saw our Art 110 Social Network, I saw that majority of the people in the class had red strings attached, meaning that they had just met in this course. Nobody really had a black string on their pictures, so that was kind of amusing. Also looking at my strings, I realized I only have about 3 friends in this course i mainly interact with, that shows how small and conservative I like my group to be.
  5. Personally, I would like to have less than 30 close connections in my life. There is really no need for more in my perspective. Usually when there is a lot of connections between people, there always grows some sort of drama. That is why i would prefer a small circle, including my parents, siblings, girlfriend, and friends.
  6. I don’t really have any social media, but a media I used to be really active on was Snapchat. Contact wise on my Snapchat, I had 90-100 people. Yet they are not all considered close connections to me. For example 4 are family, about 20-30 are close friends, and the rest are people I have met on the way, as well as random adds iv’e gotten. To be sincere, I have gained no opportunities from these people on my social media.

Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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