Week 11-Artist Conversation-Kyle Kruse

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Media: Sculpting, Wood, Film

Gallery: Marylyn Werby Gallery

Website: http://www.kylekruseart.com

Instagram: kyle.kruse

This week we met at the art galleries once again, and through walking in and out of each showcase, the one that caught my attention the most was Kyle Kruse’s, which was located at the Marlyn Werby Gallery. Kyle is currently on his last semester here at CSULB and pursuing getting his BFA in print making, and decided whether to go after an MFA in Anthropology as well. Kyle says inspiration towards his art is mainly Greek mythology. Future wise, he plans on moving out of state, New York City to be specific, and proceed with a career.

Regarding his exhibition, it was really dark inside, and the sculptures gave out a really dark vibe. It made me feel as if I were in a cave of some sort. Most of the stuff in there was made out of wood and had rugged edges and looks. Nothing was of a specific color, but the tone definitely  had a dark shade. His head pieces were composed of what appeared to be old rags from like earlier years. The paintings he had in the background, perfectly matched the sculptures he had displayed.

The sculptured heads Kyle had displayed, he states reconfigured the Greco-Roman Teaching myths of Promethus, Janus and Sisyphus. These three figures were representatives of death figures, or near death. That explains the dark vibe on the room. Promethus is the one who provides humanity with fire, while Sisyphus represents trying to cheat death, and remains climbing his hills in the fire. Lastly, Janus is the center transition of each opposite end.

In my opinion, I enjoyed Kyle’s art. It is simply something we don’t get to see everyday, and although it gives me this dark vibe, I like the fact that it has some sort of history behind it, such as the Greek Mythology. To conclude, I liked Kyle’s art, and wish the best for him in his artistic career in NYC.


Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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