Week 12-Artist Conversation-Nicholas Dison

Artist: Nicholas Dison

Exhibition: Synergizing Fields

Media: Ceramics

Gallery:  West Gatov Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: Dison_Ceramics

For this weeks artist conversation, I got the chance to talk to and interview Nicholas Dison. Nicholas is currently a senior at CSULB, and is planning on receiving his BFA in ceramics.A great inspiration to his art were hist visits to Europe. He enjoys European culture and his art is a representation of their culture, His showcase media consisted of ceramics and paint, with a European pottery infrastructure, making his gallery look fancy.

Nicholas gallery was filled with ceramic made objects, whether it was pottery or even picture frames. With his European influence, the items displayed in his gallery portrayed elegance and his use of perfect matching bright colors allowed his exhibition to be more attractive to the eye. In the colors used were a bright red, and gold outlines. This color choice allowed his showcase to seem as if it belonged in a museum, or was simply more then a college gallery exhibition, and it reflected his the culture of the out of state places he has visited and has been inspired upon.

Nicholas states that his art was mainly supposed to have a function for decorative purposes mainly. He says that his pieces of work are sculptural, figurative, conceptual, and functional. The point of his art work is to create a dialogue with the color field painting.  Regarding his picture frames, he refers to the objects in them as melting into color  fields, giving an effect of of still-life paintings, surrealists reliefs, and simulations sculptures.

In my perspective, I really enjoyed Nicholas’s art work. It is truly amazing what can be done with ceramics, and it is even more amazing to see ceramic works, because it is not easy or something anyone can naturally be good at. I myself took a ceramic course in high school in ceramics, and although it was really fun, it was really hard to maintain a good sculpture or shape out of anything. Nicholas had a really interesting exhibition, and I wish to see him in the future in even bigger galleries.



Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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