Week 15-Artist Conversation-Britttney Waters

Exhibition Information

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: Jewelry Arts

Media: Ceramics

Gallery:  West Gatov Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: artbywaters

For this final week’s artist conversation, I go the chance to meet Brittany Waters. Brittany is currently a senior on her last semester here at CSULB, and is looking forward top receiving her BFA in Ceramics. She has always been exposed to art since at a young age in Sacramento. She says that her main inspiration was her father by buying her many markers and color pencils to doodle with. After college, she plans on continuing her career in ceramic work, and travel from state to state.

The exhibition room itself was quite confusing because everything had a price tag and I was a little confused on how the interview would take place, but over all there was a variation in ceramic plate sets, bowls cups, and  just about anything. Brittany’s art was mainly of blue color, just as her last name (*Waters) her plates, jewelry and cups had an ocean vibe. Everything was of a not too bright but not too dark color, and with a soothing tone and smooth finishes.

Brittany’s art was mainly focused on the nature of the ocean and turtles. Since she is from Sacramento, as you can imagine it is really dry and just about nothing out there, thereby coming to Long Beach was a great inspiration for her and her art. Thus explaining her color choices for her art, they are mainly blue, green, turquoise, and simply generic colors that represent the beach.

Personally. I felt weird at first going into the gallery and seeing so much art and so much artist names, and freaked out once I saw everything had a price tag. After seen all of the art work I was amazed by how close to perfect most of the ceramic pottery was. I felt as if I were at a store buying dishware. Anyway, I had a great experience and really enjoyed seeing all of the art there was, and hope to see these young artists in galleries in the future.




Author: Gabriel Gonzalez


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