Week 10-Art Experience-Social Network

  1. “Social Network” in my perspective is more about cyber friends rather than real physical friends. Now in days, people go around adding random individuals on their social media, just because of appearances, or even for the sake of more likes on a picture or a post. Most of these people, they don’t even know, therefore people on your social network, don’t tend to have a connection with ones physical friends.
  2. I agree with Dunbar’s Number. Having 150 truly meaningful relationships is even a little too big in my view. I don’t have over 150 contacts on my phone, and that is mainly because of buying a new phone and losing some numbers, and then you realize that the people that text you the most or you interact with are the ones you will have saved. Social media wise, I did have over 150 friends, yet I currently don’t have any social media I am active on, it is mostly to avoid other peoples drama, and the annoying friend request from people I have no connection with.
  3. Having over 1,000 friends on Facebook does not really mean much. There is no possible way you can speak to that many people at a time, therefore there is no possible way you have a friendly connection with those 1000 people. Having someone as a friend on Facebook doesn’t mean they are your friends in real life. You probably don’t even talk to them and they can careless about what is going on in your life, because at the end of the day, they just added you for views and likes.
  4. When i saw our Art 110 Social Network, I saw that majority of the people in the class had red strings attached, meaning that they had just met in this course. Nobody really had a black string on their pictures, so that was kind of amusing. Also looking at my strings, I realized I only have about 3 friends in this course i mainly interact with, that shows how small and conservative I like my group to be.
  5. Personally, I would like to have less than 30 close connections in my life. There is really no need for more in my perspective. Usually when there is a lot of connections between people, there always grows some sort of drama. That is why i would prefer a small circle, including my parents, siblings, girlfriend, and friends.
  6. I don’t really have any social media, but a media I used to be really active on was Snapchat. Contact wise on my Snapchat, I had 90-100 people. Yet they are not all considered close connections to me. For example 4 are family, about 20-30 are close friends, and the rest are people I have met on the way, as well as random adds iv’e gotten. To be sincere, I have gained no opportunities from these people on my social media.

Week 9-Art Care Package

For this week’s art experience, I decided to give my girlfriend an art care package. I couldn’t wait to mail it to her, and since she lives down the street, i decided to personally give it to her. In the package came a movie ticket from earlier in the day, my lucky quarter, a bracelet with our names on it, and a picture i drew and a pack of redvines since she loves them. This is everything in a picture


Week9-Artist Conversation-Vanessa Olivarez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Vanessa Olivarez

Exhibition: Don’t be Careful, be Gentle

Media: Sculpting

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: www.tokioni.com

Instagram: tokioni

This week we met at the art galleries again, and I had the chance to to interview Vanessa Olivarez. Vanessa was the creator of the showcase featured as “Don’t be Careful, be Gentle”. Vanessa is currently a senior at CSULB and is working on graduating with a BFA in sculpting. Vanessa enjoys making videos and its trying to focus her artwork more on technology.

Vanessa’s gallery is mostly consistent of bright color and electronic items. She has a couple screens with videos playing as well as an electrical see-saw, which was my favorite of her collection. Vanessa says her show case was supposed to be bright in color, simply because she did not want it to look plane in white, so the room is toned in a bright pink. To keep her showcase bright, Vanessa covered the door entrance with a thick black curtain. In the center of the room was the sea-saw with two videos around it being played, which projected a little girl in a treehouse.

While hearing her speak, she said her art show case was not for a specific audience. It can mean different things to different people. As to the sea-saw, she said it portrayed her trying to find her balance in life. She also had a ballet music box which represented her childhood. Most of the stuff in gallery were things she got from home, so it was convinient for her. All of this took her 2 months to complete.

Personally i enjoyed Vanessa’s gallery. It was very original and eye catching. My favorite part was the sea-saw. It reminded me of my own childhood, of playing in the playground in elementary school. The only thing i would have changed from her showcase is the color, but i understand her reasons to put it and respect her color choice.

Week 8_-Art Sketch-Japanese Garden

For week 8’s art experience, we got to go to the Japanese garden at Csulb, and we had to do a series of sketches of things we saw at the garden, I am not much of an artist, so my sketches were not that good, I wasn’t even able to draw my own hand with at least taking a quick glance at it; But at the end of the day, it was a really cool and fun experience, and I do feel like my sketches progressed slightly as I proceeded to the longer time interval sketches. These were some of my results…

Week 8- Classmate Conversation-Justin Pena

For week 8, we met at the Csulb Japanese garden, and I got to have a conversation with one of the first persons I met in my ART-110 class, Justin Pena. A little bit to know about Justin is that he is a second year here at Csulb, and is currently an electrical engineering major. He enjoys math and science, but he also likes to read, cook and draw in his free time. While talking to Justin, we discussed this weeks question, which was about let our children pursue art. We both agreed it would not be right to not encourage a child to follow his/her dream. Justin’s aspect of the scenario was that it is his child, and he would encourage his child to pursue art if they want to, because they can contribute to society. I strongly agreed with that, but I also had to add that it is important to help one’s child pursue their dream, and if things don’t work out at the end, then you can at least say you were there for them and did as much as you can to help them out, and that pretty much summed up our conversation



Week 7-Artist Conversation-Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition: Social

Media: Draw, Paint, Oil, Canvas

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: theartofnate_

For week 7’s artist conversation, I got the chance to meet Nathaniel Paderanga. Nathaniel is from San Diego California, and is currently an undergraduate student and on his last semester at CSULB for a BFA in Draw and Painting. Nathaniel began as a Chemistry major at a community college and transferred to CSULB three years ago, where he decided Draw and Paint was his passion.

Nathaniel’s gallery for this week is called Social. His gallery is mostly consistent of various shades more than anything, and in his statement he says he uses shapes, color, form and balance with an oil paint medium to create a composition. He also says in his statement that most of his work is inspired by old masters, where he specifies Caravggio and Kim Cogan. These artists’ art consists of shades and lights he says, and that is the influence to the shading he uses. That explains why most of his art has a dark tone to it.

For this gallery, the name pretty much gives it away, Social. His art work of this gallery is meant to portray interaction with others. It was really hard to pick a specific portrait from his gallery to speak about, because they all have a realistic figure, and makes you feel as if you are present. Yet an important thing from some of his paintings was the issue we have now in days called technology. He portrays the good moments when technology still had not taking over control.  Then he shows a painting where there s=is a group of kids sitting in a living room, and they are all too focused on their devices, and it shows the way that technology takes so much away from us as a society.

Personally, I enjoyed Nathaniel’s art, I really liked the shading of his work, and the oil and canvas gave it that original vibe. His art work isn’t only realistic, but it makes me feel the moment, and think back to memories in the back of my head from my childhood days, and realize how much i have been affected by technology myself. His art is one of the coolest ways I have seen the idea of technology portrayed, especially because he used real memories in his art.


Week 6-Zines & Flip-Books

For this week’s art experience i got the chance to make my very first flip-book. It was really hard to think of what to possibly draw for my flip-book, but after a great effort of thought, I knew it had to be about something I enjoy, so I came to the conclusion that I would make a flip-book featuring my truck doing a “burn-out”(in a closed course). This was the outcome…