Week 2 Landscapes With a Corpse

In these two sets of photos I am making it seem as if i were mugged. These photos were all taken on UCI campus. I went on the search for a three story building where my roommates were able to take a zoomed out picture of me as well as a zoomed in from different levels of the building. After doing the first set of pictures, it felt kind of fun finding places to take pictures, so we took a bunch on different parts of campus. The second set is near a dumpster, where i am also portraying to be mugged.



Week 2 Class-Mate Conversation

This week I had a conversation with my class mate Justin Pena. We changed our ideas regarding whether or not art was important in today’s world. My argument was that it is important because it represents the different cultures in the world. And even better than the culture, and the similarities and differences between civilizations. It also shows how civilization progressed in some cases. Which is important in modern times for people to understand what people thought back in the day. Justin had a similar opinion to mine by believing that art is more important than people think in the whole world. Art displays and is the symbol of our civilization for thousands of years. It is the evidence of the people’s culture, tradition, and history. It tells a story or convey some form of meaning to society; notably known are the Liberty of the Barricades from the French Revolution, Mona Lisa by Da Vinci, and Michelangelo’s Statue of David. All of them display the advancement of the art revolution. In addition, such works also symbolize the culture, especially the catholic church – it was filled with remarkable paintings and statues. You may know this in the movie “Monuments Men” that in World War II the Germans stole several art and sculpture from the countries they conquered. Many saw the insignificance of it but in truth it is the sole evidence or records of our advancements in culture, technology, arts, and many more. Of course art is important in today’s world because it is there for us to know and to remember of our people’s greatest heyday.IMG_20160904_200211_01

Conversing With Sam pt.2

On April 24th, 2016. I had my second conversation with my classmate, Sam. This time our topic of discussion was our favorite artist. I personally said i liked Michelangelo. I chose Michelangelo over any other artist because I personally like Renaissance art. On the other hand, Sam said her favorite artist is Frida Kahlo. Which is a Mexican artist that was more about known for being a self portrait artist           FullSizeRender1

Conversing With Sam

On April 24th, 2016. I had a conversation with a classmate as an “Activity conversation”. We had a usual conversation just to get to know each other. This is what I learned from her.-Sam is currently an Undeclared major, but seeking to get into Kinesiology. During high school she was an athlete completing 3 years of cross-country, 4 years of track, and soccer. She has one sibling, and two of her favorite movies are DOPE and Kill Bill. Sam’s favorite music artist is Logic. She likes to eat Sushimi and sleep, and has an obsession for Storm Troopers and Disney. Her favorite animal is a bear, she likes the color Burgundy and is looking forward to relearn her soccer skills this semester. FullSizeRender1

Plaster Sculpture

I decided to go to the beach on Thursday, the 28th of April. I realized the afternoon was a little gloomy and breezy and got scared that the plaster would not dry good or fast enough, so i ended up going home, and waiting for the perfect morning to stick my hand in a bucket sand. The day i chose was Sunday, April 28th. It was a really hot morning, and sure enough the plaster dried completely within 10-15 minutes. This was my outcome.